Different Fruits

Different Kinds of Fruits

–  Fruit pictures

– apple, grapes, plums, avocado, cherries, strawberries, pineapple, banana, watermelon, lemon, (orange)

Picture of Fruits

Fruits image (jpg)

(Source: illustrationsof)

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Kinds of Pronouns

Different Types of Pronouns

– First person (I, we); Second person (You, you), Third person pronouns (He, she, it, they) (image)

Kinds of Pronouns

English Pronoun (Types) (jpg)

(Illustrations: ogden.basic-english.org)

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The 12 Months of the Year

The 12 Months of the Year (List)

– Names of Months/ Different Months

12 Months of the Year:

1st – January

2nd – February

3rd – March

4th – April

5th – May

6th – June

7th – July

8th – August

9th – September

10th – October

11th – November

12th – December


-Ber Months (“Cold season months”):